Friday, June 7, 2013

A search for random variables

A couple weeks ago I held an open call for subjects in a local and colorful outdoor square in search of a true random sampling of street fashion. Part of the allure of my theme of dress is the limitless variation and unpredictability. Many sociologists have attempted to study fashion in a mathematical sense, but there are simply too many variables to consider. The same shirt could be worn in a double xxl on a shorter person and give a completely different look than a xs on someone tall . Or take the painting I did of a guy wearing a red sox shirt, rolled up to expose his mid-drift - quite a different look than if it were worn regularly.

My experiment proved to be fruitful and full of variance. I walked away with over twenty subjects that posed for me in an array of clothing types, styles and colors. Each served a different function whether it be a professional uniform, a showcase for sports enthusiasm, a brand to show status or workout gear. Basically, I have my work cut out for me. Lots of subjects and ideas for paintings. I hope to create as many as I can before I host my first outdoor solo show in October - in the same square that I found my subjects. Stay tuned!

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