Sunday, April 7, 2013

Waiting for Spring

Red, White and Blue
I, like many Bostonians are getting impatient waiting for Spring this year. At 35 degrees - it is just not cutting it. Not only do I personally enjoy walking in the warm sun while the birds sing, but I also look forward to the change of wardrobes on the street. There is an especially magic moment that happens on those first beautiful days when people seem to wear their most exciting outfits. Maybe they are the ones they have been longing to wear since last year, or it could be a new fashion trend that they bought in January when the stores told them it was the right time to buy it. Whatever the reason, I have noticed that when the new warmth blankets the city, I see more and more potential subjects all around me.

This year I am excited to be working with the city of Somerville on a project that will encourage people on the street to volunteer to be my subjects - still in the early planning stages, more details to come. I am hoping to start this new method of recruitment in the next month or so while the spring fashion is in high bloom.

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