Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yellow elephants find their new purpose

When I begin my process for a painting, it is vital that I find the appropriate material to incorporate. Since I choose my subjects based on their attire it is important for me to come as close as I can in replicating the fabric. In fact, there are many pieces that have never come into fruition because I couldn't find the right match.

For my next painting, the stars aligned when one of my red carpet subjects and fellow artist in my studio building saw I was wanting to paint her next. She assured me it would be a difficult fabric to match as it was a homemade dress with vintage material, but offered to look for any remnants. I could see she was doubtful. Miraculously, from the depths of a childhood closet, a scrap of yellow elephant fabric just large enough found its way to my studio. Thank you Marrisa and her expert-seamstress mother for helping me transform a forgotten square of lil elephants into art.

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