Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Get Ready for Your Close Up

First reference for my selfie series- appropriately, myself
After a big show and a completed series, I usually need some time to recoup and regroup. That time is coming to a close, and now that I have had a taste for inviting the public to participate with my red carpet series, I am ready to take that idea to the next level. After engaging at a micro level with the attire in my own community of Somerville, MA, I would like to jump to opposite spectrum - the global playing field.

How do I connect with people around the world? That magic device in nearly everyone's pocket seems like a good starting point. With each series I create, I usually like to set up a few rules along with the variables. For this one the constant will be the "selfie." I am looking for submissions that follow my rules but allow for participants from all over to send me their photos. Per usual, my focus is clothing - I will naturally be drawn to subjects that will allow for some great textile integration.

I am planning on using 18" x 18" canvases - I can imagine exhibiting the completed paintings in a grid along side each other on a large wall. This parallels the way we see media on our devices.

Just like my red carpet event, I am excited for the unpredictable outcome and the likely variety of references. So extend that arm and get ready for your close up. See my submission page for rules and help share this for me!

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