Sunday, February 10, 2013

One day your in...

There are a lot of interesting theories on fashion. Ever-changing but cyclical, exclusive but common; every culture experiences this to a certain degree. Some say fashion has always been an attempt to separate the classes, introduced by the high society. This would in theory make it easier to spot out others of the appropriate income bracket. Then comes the trickle down: when bargain shops adopt the same styles, bridging the gap. Now it is time to reinvent the next trend.

In my observation, there are many people that adopt trends to fit in and others that adopt them to stand out. Clothing gives everyone the opportunity to identify their role, sometimes we consciously mold this persona, and sometimes it is subconscious. Some decide they must be the ones others look to for new trends. Others will keep a closet full of basics that will hopefully be consistently "acceptable." 

My earliest memories of caring about what I wore came around Middle School. This is a pivotal time for kids in their mico-societies, as they are quickly defined as cool or uncool, with heavy emphasis on their attire. In the seventh grade, I remember I made the decision to wear purple every day for that school year. I think I told myself that if I made one decision - color, maybe no one would focus on the rest. It is suffice to say, I didn't end up in the cool group...

Right: "School Uniform" Oil on canvas with Fleece, wool and suede. 24” x 42”

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