Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rolling out the red carpet

The seedling of an idea has come into my mind. I have mostly played the unobserved voyeur in my search for subjects on the street, but I have wondered if I should attempt to interact with these strangers. The timid side of me is fearful of this notion. After recently being awarded a fellowship grant by the Somerville Arts Council (which was awesome!), I started to try to think about the community aspect of the grant. They like you to bring your art into the community. Instantly I thought about how I could bring my art to the streets, where it all begins for me. I would love to have an outdoor show where it looks like my subjects are walking off the canvas. Then came the thought of inviting subjects to participate.

Ok here goes my crazy idea - a red carpet in Union square, inviting passers by to walk down it and be photographed by me. This gives people the opportunity to opt - in, while still giving me the motion of them walking, hopefully still looking natural enough and I have the chance to ask them for information. To the right is my mock up of this scenario. I would have my tripod set up with a rapid sequence of shots in hopes to capture the right one. I can also gather some answers to questions about self-perception of dress. I was thinking I could ask something like "what do you think other's think of your outfit." After this all goes down, I head back to my studio for 6 mons or so, and come back to Union Square with an outdoor show of paintings based on that photography session. Feedback?

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