Friday, February 1, 2013

Traditional meets unconventional

Though my process of using fabric instead of canvas in this instance is unlike most, the remaining methods I use are as traditional as Renascence paintings. In my current piece I have stretched hot pink fabric instead of canvas then gessoed only his silhouette. (This is a bit painstaking but I love the finished look of being surrounded by a flat material background.) Next I work on my underpainting - sketching with two opposing colors of thinned paint.

Every oil painter works differently, but I usually start in with oils of high contrast and vibrant colors. I chose this photo of a fellow artist in my studio as a reference in part because of the excellent light and shadow effect of his drink. That and as you will see later, he is wearing an ant vest along with this hot pink ruffled shirt. (side note - he came to my opening wearing this, he must have wanted a painting to happen!)

After a few coats of coloring blocking in this style, I start to use liquin to glaze colors on. This gives depth to the piece, especially when dealing with skin tones. Below I did a thin coat of green all over - I like to go back and forth with greens and reds while I continue to work. The photo has a bit glare because it is very glossy when a glaze is wet.

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