Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rules of Rebellion

I read an interesting take on the evaluation of apparel among subcultures. It was written in the 90's but the interpretation still seems to apply. Even the rebellious have their own rules to follow and in many cases are attempting to conform in their own way. A biker should be clad in their black leather jacket, a punk rocker must choose the right genre of band tee paired with appropriately unique stockings. As I am not a member of these groups, I may not have it exactly right - but those who seek to be a part of these subcultures seem to all know the rules. Especially with so many social outlets - it must enable the dictation of these standards to laid out clearer.

Youth are often the ones who adopt these subculture rules in attempt to find their niche in an environment that is ever evolving and uncertain. I remember when I was in high school there was an outbreak of cat ears - it seemed all at once each quite, mysterious, quirky girl came in wearing these. Separate at first, now they had an immediate identifier that they were in the same social group.

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